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The formal mission of Project Sloopy is to salvage unused medical supplies and equipment that have accumulated in excess of normal usage from people receiving at home medical care as well as institutional care providers, and to coordinate the demand for those supplies so that they may be redistributed – free of cost – to those in need. Project Sloopy is a 501-3c Non-Profit organization based in Philadelphia, PA, and run solely on the passions of its founders, Tom and Kate Mallery. Project Sloopy warehouses all supplies and equipment within the city of Philadelphia; but they accept equipment donations from any location in or outside of the country. If you have medical supply donations to be made in or outside the greater Philadelphia area simply contact them, and they will coordinate either a pick up to be performed on an agreed upon date, or other arrangements may be made to have the supplies shipped to our warehouse. A similar procedure is required of those who are in need of medical supplies. Project Sloopy will ship medical supplies to any location, domestically or internationally: at no cost to the recipient. Project Sloopy may also choose to deliver the supplies in person if the location is within a reasonable traveling distance. Our application process for those requesting supplies is very simple, requiring the recipient to simply fill out our one page application. Project Sloopy asks that you contact them via phone, email, or social media, and once the application has been submitted your supplies will be in the mail on the nearest deliverable date.

The salvaging and redistribution of supplies is a coordinated effort through the couples solid relations with social workers and teams of medical professionals all over the country, as well as the emotionally connective relationships they have cultivated through daily communication with families on varying mediums of social media. It was through social media that the couple were able to visit the homes of many families during their inaugural cross-country road trip in the summer of 2013, where they drove over 13,000 miles, and were able to salvage an entire van and 6×12 trailer full of medical supplies. They are continually motivated by the interactions with families and their inspirational children. Project Sloopy has always felt passionately about the need to connect with families on a very personal and intimate level: to not only bring them relief from the deluge of excess medical supplies, but to bring them a sense of understanding, of compassion, to reassure them that Project Sloopy is familiar with their struggles and their frustrations, and are set on mitigating all that they can. Project Sloopy’s logistical goal is to transport the medical supplies of one families burden to the hands of another families distress. Project Sloopy works closely with families to affirm that they are maximizing the potentiality of their health insurance coverage (whether, state, federal, or private), ensuring that all possibilities for medical coverage have been exhausted to the fullest extent. Project Sloopy is a uniquely personalized organization founded on the principals of love, compassion, and admiration; it is a preeminent value of this organization to above all honor its devotion to humanity and preserve the legacy of which their daughter, Ana Cru (Sloopy) is the deepest inspiration.

Project Sloopy in the Media

WKRN Nashville, TN


WWAY3 Wilmington, NC


The Home Tribune/Courier News Cover Story: NJ


ABC6 Action News, Philadelphia, PA


The Philadelphia Inquirer:


CBS Philly KWY 1060


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  1. Hello,
    Great Job, we wish you all the best.
    Good luck and best wishes from Germany
    Family Beck
    (We see you and your car on Brannan Island)

  2. My Dad was diagnosed with throat cancer about two months ago and had a complete larynectomy where they removed his vocal cords, placed a trake in his neck, he had some infections and issues after surgery and they have been tube feeding him since, he is coming home tomorow which is the 18th of this month…they are supposed to be sending him home with some tube feed (Promote w/fiber)…but now we have to find a way to come up with more of it once he runs out of what they are sending him with, they said he could use either promote w/ fiber, nestle nutren 1 or boost high protein, I honestly dont know how we are going to do this, money is extremely tight right now and because he was not able to stand before someone at Socail Services last month they denied his medicaid claim even tho they had proof from his doctors, hopefully since he will be home we will be able to get the ball rolling on since he will be standing in front of them.

    But if you know anyone that still has some Promote w/fiber, Nestle Nutren 1 or Boost High Protein that is still within the experation date, pls let me know, dont know how much longer he is going to have to be tube fed , they have not told us, and I have checked and this stuff is way out of budget range and is driving me crazy

  3. You guys got supplies from me with Judi, I’m in NC. I have an adjustable hospital bed that needs a home. Its not state of the art, but not too bad either. If there is someone in this area I may be able to take it. Let me know if you have a use.
    Take care
    Tammy Montanez

  4. Tom and Kate, my husband started gamma globulin infusions with home health care but the infusions had to stop. I have a large box of iv start up equipment, including the stand for the drip container, and I live within 30 miles of the lady in Benbrook, Texas. I also have 3 doses of gamma globulin not expired. I have been trying to find someone who could collect and distribute these supplies, as I have at least $10, 000 worth of supplies and gamma globulin. If you can use these supplies, I would be happy, as I hate to throw away supplies someone could use.

  5. I came across Project Sloopy via Instagram. I follow @Katsufumitakihana. I’m a painter living in New Jersey and I’d be happy to donate a few pieces for your auction. Of course I expect nothing in return. Please feel free to contact me through email any time. Thank you.

  6. Hi my son was born with Crouzon syndrome, so we know how hard it can be to get the supplies your child needs. We’d like to help, where can we send supplies?!

  7. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide
    credit and sources back to your website? My blog site is in the exact same
    area of interest as yours and my users would certainly benefit from some of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this ok with you. Thanks a lot!

  8. How would I get supplies to you, I have a stockpile of diapers, milk, Gtube supplies, kangaroo bags, a few suction supplies, chux, and I’m not sure what else… I live in indianapolis, in.

  9. I have a lot of pediatric medical supplies I’d like to donate. How do I go about setting up a pick up?

  10. Please tell me more about a Project Sloopy. I just found out about this from one of the mom from a Facebook group. My son is a 25 weeker now 22 months has a GTube and Trach.


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